Sunday, March 16, 2008


After a frantic week of nit picking and final touching, I finished BCSDDB on Friday afternoon. I made all the adjustments that I wouldn't have been satisfied without and drew the title page and cover (left). What a triumphant moment. There were firecrackers and champagne corks a-poppin' and high fives all around. All that is true except the part about the firecrackers and champagne corks a-poppin' and high fives all around. It was more like me reheating my coffee in the microwave, shaking my head convinced that there was something I forgot to do, and heading down to the subway, where I commuted into the financial district. That's right. Subvert the system from within the system, man! I managed to finagle my way back into the belly of the beast to use a friend's company's graphic design department. The friend got me past the bored security guard and helped me through a mere seven hours of formatting it took to get the images compiled on an easily readable pdf format (thank you very very much, friend). Then I spent another hour or two burning discs. I'm off to the Boston Comic Con, to see if I can do any networking, and then next week I'll send in my application to Xeric for a grant. If I can't get someone to publish it, I'm going to self-publish. Hard copies should be available soon, but if you can't wait and would like to check out the pdf file, let me know (email through profile link or comment below).

And now to start the layout for the next project: Archimedes and the Great Paper Cut Caper.