Saturday, July 12, 2008

Going to print!

After a couple bumps in the road, the money is raised, the images are reformatted, and Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy is ready to go to print through the online, pay-per-print site I'll be ordering a whole mess of copies and doing the distribution myself. Hopefully, I won't make any comic faux pas in soliciting stores to carry the product. In addition to selling it in stores, I'll be selling it direct out of my living room. Printing in full color is very expensive so I'll be selling them at cost (no profit for me) to keep the price down. Just trying to get the book out there. You'll also be able to buy the print version directly through ComixPress - again, it'll be priced at cost, but the shipping will increase the price a bit. This is my first time working with ComixPress (first time working with anyone), so I'm not sure exactly when it'll be available, but I'll keep you posted here. I'm guessing you should be able to hold your very own print copy of Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy within two months.