Thursday, April 3, 2008

Updates. (or FREE GRAPHIC NOVEL!!)

With much assistance from my Chief Production Assistant BVM, I was able to magically transform all the individual images into a compact and comprehensive pdf file. Check out these screenshots from the opened pdf file:

The magic pdf file allowed me to do two things: print out 6 copies to send out to the Xeric Foundation in a grant application and put the whole file up on Chief Server Assistant SB's server space to allow people to download it for free.

Update # 1: The Grant Application
The grant application topped off at a cool eleven pounds of BCSDDB and assorted cover letters, statements of purpose, resumes, and budget projections. That's some serious postage there. Actually, it wasn't that bad: $11 for overnight delivery with insurance. I'll take it. I'll also take that grant if offered to me by the Xeric folks. I hate to beg but: please please please.

Update # 2: The Free Online PDF!

Some say that I'm giving the milk away for free, and in so doing eliminating the demand for the cow. Perhaps, but hopefully you'll like the milk so much that you'll opt for the 300 dpi, 6.5 inch by 10 inch print version of the cow that should be available in the near future. Buy it and I'll send you a secret treat. So you see? There's the carrot. Now you've got the milk and the carrot. I don't see any need to bring the stick into this, do you? No, no, of course not. Anyways, click HERE to download the 150 dpi pdf version for free. It's 38 MB and it's NSFW.

Update # 3: The Copyright.

The copyright for Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy was officially approved. Kudos to the American Government for officially recognizing the entity that is Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy. We in the BCSDDB Administration are currently looking for office space on Pennsylvania Avenue in which to establish our embassy.