Saturday, May 12, 2007

Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy

Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy is a graphic novel, written, drawn, inked, lettered, and whatever elsed by Dan Nolan. What started as a doodle, and developed into a painting (at right), has evolved into a 10 chapter, 184 page graphic novel. It's a dark satire of office life in which the characters see themselves in the reflection of this surreal being's sunglasses and take his silence for understanding. Dulled by the surreal banality of the office, and comforted by the reflection of familiarity, they find themselves at ease with his presence and ignore his outrageous appearance and any potential implications that it might have.

The layout and preliminary drawings of all the pages/pictures is done and it topped off at 10 chapters, 184 pages, and roughly 1000 drawings. I'm currently in the process of redrawing all the pages, inking them, scanning them, and coloring them on photoshop. I'm on page 109 right now and should be done in a couple months [edit - obviously not - 3/16/08]. Anyone interested in either publishing it or pointing me in the direction of a good publisher, please email me at danieldnolan a t gmail dot com.

As for this blog, I don't really intend on posting too many images or updates here, but I don't have the time or resources to set up a proper website at this time and would like to have at least some web presence. We'll see. For the time being, here's a look at BCSDDB's development:

BCSDDB layout at 60

BCSDDB layout at 100

BCSDDB layout at 184.

Page 10.

Page 11.

Pages 47/8.

Pages 81/2.

Page 134.

Page 157.

page 179. almost done.


janie said...

This is brilliant,unfortunately I haven't a clue about publishing, but I'll definately buy the graphic novel when it is out.

Anonymous said...

more please

-- John said...

This looks friggin' awesome! I will definately get this when it comes out. Keep me posted man and keep up the good work.

Johnny Sunshine